Antique Spanish Cuenca Carpet

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Dimensions: 18.2′ x 12.3′
Style: European
Origin: Spanish Rugs
Time Period: Early 20th Century
Room Size: Oversize (12×16 and up)




This wonderful and rather unique oversize antique Spanish Cuenca is a fine example of a niche family of rugs that represent a blend of Moorish and European weaving cultures. Its field is adorned with an all over, tiled pattern of a very large scale half-serrated leave in dramatically curving motion with two smaller leaves jutting out from its body, one upwards and the other downwards, the latter further blooming into two boughs, one laden with a beautifully detailed pomegranate and the other with a blooming flower and its gorgeous leaves, symbolizing wealth and abundance.
Repeating of this large scale pattern with its blend of bold angularity and ornamental delicacy in undulating motion creates a sense of grandeur and is reminiscent of architectural proportions. The same effect is continued in the rather formal and regal looking main border decorated with handsome, stylized depictions of alternating pairs of lions and stags standing with fruit motifs in between them, rendered in quite palatial taste.

The soothing and restrained color palette of the carpet consists of a light ochre in the background and slate blue and soft yellow in the leaves with a very low level of contrast. This sprawling gorgeous antique Spanish Cuenca carpet would be quite at home with rustic modern, mid-century modern and/or mediterranean styles. It has a statement-making design that registers in mind easily and is versatile enough to be adapted to a wide range of interiors.

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18.2' x 12.3'


Spanish Cuenca