Fred Moheban Gallery Antique Rugs Cleaning Services

Fred Moheban Gallery Antique Rug Cleaning Services

The wool of the Persian carpet is lustrous, durable, and rich in natural lanolin. It is best to interfere as little as possible with this natural protection, so please avoid treatments such as moth-proofing, dry cleaning or steam cleaning. Instead, have most older carpets hand-washed or tumbled by a professional oriental carpet cleaner every five to six years, or sooner if needed. Tumbling in a large machine similar to a clothes dryer is a gentle process that removes dirt and dust particles which penetrate to the base of the pile of the rug and have an abrasive effect on the wool fibers. The tumbling process is recommended for older or less sturdy carpets, since it puts less strain on the structure of an antique carpet than submersion in water.

For carpets with lower pile, daily or weekly cleaning should be accomplished with a non-electric sweeper rather than a suction vacuum cleaner. Modern carpet sweepers work via static electricity and are very effective in cleaning the surface and into the pile of your rugs, as well as in bringing out the sheen of the wool. We have found the Hoky carpet sweeper to be the most effective. Electric vacuum cleaners should never be used on antique rugs. A vacuum cleaner with suction may be used only on heavy-pile vintage or younger rugs. Never use the beater brush on any handwoven rugs, as its rotary action is far too rough and can pull out knots and fray out the wrapped selvedge edges.

A broom with straw bristles is another option if a carpet sweeper is unavailable. With a carpet sweeper or broom, your rug can be cleaned as often as you wish. At least once a week is recommended.