Antique Rugs and Carpets


Did you know that the origins of antique rug weaving are frequently disputed? Most people believe that Cyrus the Great invented rug weaving in 529 B.C. But did you know that the Caucasus was at the center of the rug-weaving world? After Conquering armies, including those of Genghis Khan, Tamerlane and the Golden Horde, the Persians and Turks, stormed across these mountains for over a thousand years. They left behind the influence of every rug-making tradition from Egypt to China. These rugs and carpets were made in villages for residential use, with designs that were unique to the community or tribe for which they were made. During the Safavid Dynasty, the artistic weave, quality, and design of antique rugs reached their pinnacle (1499-1722). To create the best carpets with intricate designs, royal workshops were established specifically for designers and workers. Silk with silver or gold thread is an example of a high-quality fiber.

The carpet designs would be sketched by highly skilled artists, and the most intricate designs would be used by the most talented weavers in the industry.

Antique Rugs