Antique Agra Carpet

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Dimensions: 15.5′ x 10′
Style: Decorative
Origin: Indian Rugs
Time Period: Late 19th Century
Room Size: Oversize (12×16 and up)|Room Size (6×9 to 12×15)




This gorgeous 19th century antique over-size Agra carpet boasts a magnificent octofoil medallion at its centre. Encircling the medallion are a fascinating array of broad vine scrolls with saz style leaves, lush palmettes and flourishing tendrils whose swirling motion comes full circle to create a labyrinthine display. The motifs are rendered in subtle yellow, ivory, celadon and dark coral orange, giving off a warm glow against a masterfully abrashed black background.

The main border is quite generously scaled and majestic in its own right. It features lush palmettes and beautiful saz styles leaves very similar to those in the field against a splendid deep red background which is so beautifully rendered as to capture the viewer’s attention immediately. The magnificent execution of the abrash technique makes this red effectively shimmer and sing and is a testament to this carpet’s superb craftsmanship.

This antique over-size Agra is a magnificent rug in majestic proportions, extremely fine-weave and a bold and vibrant design. It is highly decorative and would be a adaptable to modern and classic styles.

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15.5' x 10'


Agra, Oriental Rugs and Carpets