Antique Zili Sultan Carpet

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Dimensions: 15.4′ x 13′
Style: Decorative
Origin: Persian Rugs
Time Period: 19th Century
Room Size: Oversize (12×16 and up)|Room Size (6×9 to 12×15)




An unusually beautiful antique over-size 19th century Zili Sultan carpet with unique style and sophisticated expression in a wonderful array of warm, earthy colors. The centre is anchored by three linked medallions that are in slightly varying size and shaped like large-scale crab motifs giving the viewer a fascinating and quirky rendition of a familiar design element. The pronounced and pointed edges/claws of the crab is delightfully contrasted with delicate florals decorating its interior. The same effect of hard edges with soft interiors is echoed in corner pieces as well. Their hard edges cut into the beautiful plain caramel field while they are adorned with all-over floral crab motifs.

The color palette plays an extremely important role in bringing out the quirkiness and playfulness of design with its vibrant tones of dark coral peach and carnelian red that immediately capture attention against the soothing and warm tones of caramel and ivory as well as solemn black.

The tri-layered borders featuring repeating patterns of rosettes and scrolling angular vines are quite large and set a more tranquil and warm tone with their muted palette of pale yellow, beige and a reddish brown.

This gorgeous antique Zili Sultan brings together a classic and modern sensibility wonderfully with its whimsically drawn floral crab motifs and its gorgeous, rich and warm, earthy tones exude a sense of happiness, that is measured and not overwhelming. It is a highly desirable over-sized rug with very fine weave and lustrous wool.

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15.4' x 13'


Oriental Rugs and Carpets, Zili Sultan