Antique Tabriz Carpet

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Dimensions: 12.3′ x 7′
Style: Classical|Decorative
Origin: Persian Rugs
Time Period: 19th Century
Room Size: Gallery and Runner Size|Room Size (6×9 to 12×15)




This exquisite 19th century antique over-size Tabriz features an impressive design that immediately garners attention. Its large and floral tear-drop medallion with buff, blush, powder blue, bright salmon and deep indigo colored motifs against an ivory background sits at the centre of a dramatic key-hole shaped field in deep indigo decorated with depictions of gently swirling large heads of irises, peonies and lotus flowers with interlacing angular and leafy stems all in a vibrant and generous palette of powder blue, orange, blush, burnt orange, celadon and ivory. The swirling rhythm of the field is echoed in the corner pieces that create an effect of having been draped around it in flowing motion giving the whole field an immense depth of space. The rectilinear suite of guard strips that frame the wonderfully dramatic field on the other hand, is more subtle in color and mood, in tranquil, subdued hues of ivory, blush and powder blue and sets a lovely contrast.

This marvelous 19th century antique over-size Tabriz is of unrivaled quality with high visual impact, extremely finely woven texture and a unique and sense of coloration. It is a highly decorative piece of woven artistry that would be the focal point of grand interiors with its balanced extravagance.

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12.3' x 7'


Oriental Rugs and Carpets, Tabriz