Antique Sultanabad Carpet

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Dimensions: 23.5′ x 14.9′
Style: Decorative
Origin: Persian Rugs
Time Period: Early 20th Century
Room Size: Oversize (12×16 and up)




A remarkable, eye-catching antique Sultanabad with a strong individual character presented in a quirky formality. Traditional all over floral motifs in energetic reds, yellows, emeralds and skillfully striated blues sprawl and flow across the field creating a ‘garden of paradise’ theme, shimmering and sparkling against a dark cobalt background. Their undulating, curvilinear outlines create a happy and playful sense of movement. The twisting tips of extremely large fronds in light apricot create small labyrinthine pockets of gardens bursting and blooming with floral life. Under the wing-like canopies of these fronds, there are wonderfully detailed bouquets of roses encircled by delicate garlands. Unusually large and thick stems gently separate them from the three vases that are placed vertically across the centre of the field displaying lavish floral arrangements of irises, peonies and roses.

The formality evoked by renditions of vases, garlands and the choice of flowers is in fact reimagined through their surprisingly dramatic, expressive and sometimes slightly anthropomorphic outlines that beckons a second glance. Also, a profusion of ‘barely contained’, individual floral and vegetative motifs at the top and bottom sections of the field enhances a sense of inventive freedom. The rather serene and more traditionally rendered lotus and peony design of the main border echoes the overall joyous feeling of this gorgeous Sultanabad with its vibrant palette.

The date of weaving (1916 in arabic numerals) is woven into top right and left hand sides of this fascinating Sultanabad, which makes it all the more unique and highly collectible.

This fascinating rug is a wonderful work of craftsmanship and can easily be the focal point of any room with its strong individuality, lovely colors and stimulating design.

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23.5' x 14.9'


Oriental Rugs and Carpets, Sultanabad