Antique Sivas Carpet

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Dimensions: 14.9′ x 13′
Style: Classical|Decorative
Origin: Turkish Rugs
Time Period: Late 19th Century
Room Size: Oversize (12×16 and up)|Room Size (6×9 to 12×15)




An expansive antique Sivas carpet that boasts a lavish medallion and floral design rendered in several ornate frames, each with its own unique expression coming together in a composition reminiscent of paintings. Standing at the center of the large field is a medium scale ornate medallion with a cream and soft rust red background. It is gently separated by its soft outline of celadon leaves from an expanse of dancing, flowing and scrolling floral motifs exuding a splendor of multitudes. The bold, curvilinear movement of peonies, roses, carnations, rosettes, palmettes, blooms, blossoms, paisleys and meandering stems in rust, jade green and apricot create a striking visual effect against the ivory background. This highly energetic polygon of a frame transitions into a more serene but equally ornate frame in a warm, light tone of olive green.

The rather large borders are very emphasized thanks to their unique pattern and feel. The inner and outer guard strips around a delicately detailed floral border in cream feature a black background, unseen throughout the rest of the carpet, giving a formal, definitive finish to the entire design, rather like in an illuminated manuscript. The glorious main border with its wonderfully drawn depictions of floral cartouches and small-scale medallions echoes the coloration of the central medallion and enhance the sense of formality in the border while its graceful and orderly floral story provides the whole carpet with more texture and individuality and finishes it off with a note of elegance.

A superb piece of artistry, this stunning Sivas was woven to create high visual impact and has unmistakably high decorative appeal. It is a statement piece that can easily be the focal point of any grand interior.

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14.9' x 13'


Oriental Rugs and Carpets, Sivas