Antique Sarouk Carpet

Carpet Number:

Dimensions: 21′ x 14.5′
Style: Decorative
Origin: Persian Rugs
Time Period: Late 19th Century
Room Size: Oversize (12×16 and up)




This stunning 19th century antique over-size medallion and corner Sarouk carpet boasts a prominent, large scale, elegant and exquisitely detailed medallion with an interior made up of three frames. The gorgeous innermost frame has a beaming ivory backdrop that is filled with curvilinear botanical details in lovely soft rust red and cerulean blue. There is an inversion of the same colors in the next two frames that allows for a balanced contrast and draws the viewer’s eyes in the tranquil blue background against which exotic birds with leaf-like slender silhouettes rest.

The beautifully scalloped edges of the medallion stand next to an abundance of finely drawn floral and vine scrolls floating in a delightful diversity of forms in gleaming jewel hues such as light opal blue, deep red, turquoise and light peach against a darkly glowing deep indigo background. The elegant main border in rich rust red decorated with a classical, slightly small palmette design has a more restrained and quiet effect when compared to the profusion of dancing florals in the field. A wonderful sense of balance exists in this carpet through elements of motion and color between tranquility and exuberance and lightness and fieryness,

This marvelous, highly collectible Antique Sarouk would fill an interior with its unmistakably strong yet elegant and sensual presence. Its masterful weave, its silken, luminous wool that illuminates colors and adds visual depth to them, its durable structure and its wonderfully balanced design are all sought-after qualities that give this gorgeous over-size carpet high decorative appeal.

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21' x 14.5'


Oriental Rugs and Carpets, Sarouk