Antique North Indian Carpet

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Dimensions: 22.8′ x 13.1′
Style: Decorative
Origin: Indian Rugs
Time Period: Late 19th Century
Room Size: Oversize (12×16 and up)




This striking, fascinating late 19th century antique over-size north Indian carpet boasts an elaborate, exquisite garden of paradise design. Elegant, slender cypress trees in pairs across the field rise above a landscape of densely packed yet incredibly finely detailed blooming trees with gently and slightly swirling outlines and of gleaming palmettes and large floral heads. The wonderfully large-scale main border is equally well-decorated with large floral motifs with finely rounded scalloped edges and extremely large and angular leaves in between them.

What gives this beautiful design its extraordinary character more than anything is its masterful execution of color that creates almost three-dimensional detail, wonderful lustre and a translucent depth. The beautiful light opal blue of the cypress trees glimmer against the deep, saturated navy blue of the field that features large specks of a lighter blue filling in random spaces around the tree motifs throughout the carpet, which is so deftly done as to create an effect of light being alternately soaked in and reflected in deep and shallow waters. The same affect of light and shade is also on display between the gorgeous and warm hues of gold and dark caramel as well as brown in the field and the main border.

This decorative over-size antique Indian carpet has extremely high visual appeal with a color palette that is at once soothing and inspiring and a very elegant botanical design that is so fine and sophisticated. A true piece of dedicated craftsmanship that would easily be the focal point of any interiors with its shimmering and sprawling beauty.

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22.8' x 13.1'


North Indian, Oriental Rugs and Carpets