Antique Meshed Carpet

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Dimensions: 24.1′ x 12.6′
Style: Classical|Decorative
Origin: Persian Rugs
Time Period: Late 19th Century
Room Size: Oversize (12×16 and up)




This antique, late 19th century over-size Antique Meshed is extremely fine and exquisite boasting intricate, palatial elegance. Every inch of its surface is elaborately adorned to create a sense of highly structured and meticulously tended beauty which has a palpable architectural character. At the center stands a densely decorated finialled medallion with a dark indigo background, flanked on either side by large scale pendant lamp motifs and surrounded on all sides by lozenge-shaped tear drop motifs that radiate outwards and create a lovely ripple effect on the lavish field. The field itself is very elaborately decorated with well-defined floral motifs and serrated, slightly angular vines whose elegant swirling motion come full circle, creating a sophisticated, labyrinthine lattice against which all the other elements stand. The same swirling motion is echoed in the arabesque corner pieces and comes into better focus thanks to the dark background.

The tri-layered main borders are equally focus pulling and take up a large portion of this exquisite carpet. The classical rosette, palmette and scrolling vine motifs that decorate the borders are clearly and masterfully rendered and provide a more tranquil and less structured sense of nature, setting a contrast not just in color but also in mood.

The color palette of this gorgeous Meshed is a wonderful combination of a few vibrant and subdued hues. The glowing sand color is the perfect background against which beautiful jewel tones of light opal blue, coral pink, red and teal blue glimmer in brilliantly highlighted detail.

Its palatial aesthetic, extremely fine-weave, lustrous wool, meticulously executed design and rarely-found over-size scale make this Meshed a highly-sought after woven treasure that would certainly be the center piece of any grand interior.

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24.1' x 12.6'


Meshed, Oriental Rugs and Carpets