Antique Lavar Carpet

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Dimensions: 16′ x 10.6′
Style: Classical|Decorative
Origin: Persian Rugs
Time Period: 19th Century
Room Size: Oversize (12×16 and up)|Room Size (6×9 to 12×15)




This stunning 19th century antique over-size Lavar carpet boasts an exquisitely clear and crisp design in a delightful and versatile color palette. The impeccable construction of its style elements and the precision in the drawing of its motifs speak of a classic grace and sophistication that is a hallmark quality of fine Lavar carpets.

This fascinating antique over-size Lavar features lozenge-shaped elaborate full and half medallions in two vertical and two horizontal and linked sets in its field. The space between these medallions is adorned with delicate swirling blossoms. An intricate suite of border strips decorated with varied floral heads and scrolling vines complement the elegant and highly structured design.

The color palette is restrained but impactful. The brick red field, the beige and tan background of the medallions and the light olive green and maroon red of the motifs have just the right amount of intensity and subtlety that would easily complement and ground the design elements in interiors of various styles including modern, classical and mid-century. This Lavar is an extremely finely woven highly decorative over-size carpet with lustrous wool.

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16' x 10.6'


Lavar & Kerman, Oriental Rugs and Carpets