Antique French Savonnerie

Carpet Number:

Dimensions: 22.6′ x 16.2′
Style: European
Origin: French Rugs
Time Period: Early 19th Century
Room Size: Oversize (12×16 and up)




A stunningly beautiful early 19th century antique over-size Savonnerie carpet with a truly distinguished and graceful aged look and a sepia-toned patina that garners a sense of wonder and respect. A truly special work of woven artistry, this exquisite Savonnerie is like a treasure chest of many influences that went into the creation/making of these historic carpets. Its layout with a defined center, field and a rectangular main border, resembles that of Oriental carpets rather than other renditions of its type whose use of space draw on a European sensibility, which hints at the earliest inspirations for the original 17th century Savonnerie carpets. On the other hand, the flamboyantly elaborate floral design and the color story are distinctly European. The naturalistic outlines of floral motifs, the painterly quality of lighting and shading created through tone-on-tone coloration and the use of architectural elements are all hallmarks of a Neo-classical aesthetic. The textured story of its design definitely makes this Savonnerie a unique piece to cherish.

The incredibly lavish florals are the main design element of this impeccable carpet. The centre is occupied by a medallion-shaped arrangement of very life-like, perky flowers in glowing gold, red and pink that is separated from the main field by a festooned circular swag motif. The rest of the field is adorned with a flamboyant display of extravagant bouquets in exquisite, splendid vases that are connected by large, swirling acanthus leaves in coral pink and light blue giving an all-over look of flowing, animated movement to the entire field. The blossoms shooting from the acanthus leaves add more splendor to the majestic beauty of this Savonnerie.

The curling acanthus leaves with gilded looking outlines encircling elaborate, dainty florals as well as gilded cartouches decorate the main border. The millwork effect in the inner and outer guard strips is another neoclassical touch.

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22.6' x 16.2'