Antique French Aubusson Carpet

Carpet Number:

Dimensions: 15.7′ x 12.4′
Style: European
Origin: European Rugs
Time Period: 19th Century
Room Size: Oversize (12×16 and up)




A bold and striking over-size antique Aubusson carpet woven in the 19th century in Aubusson, France, which had been a center of weaving since the 16th century and known for its exquisite tapestries. Drawing on Greco-Roman elements of design, this Aubusson features nested circular and rectangular frames separated from each other by open spaces adorned with florals and finished off by architectural elements. The central frame is created by a dramatic rendition of scrolling dimensional acanthus leaves in contrasting darker and lighter hues of gold and cinnamon brown. The intensity of contrast is enhanced by the splashes of red in the floral bouquets strung sparsely across the large scale leaves of acanthus. These lavish and lush scrolls seem to be a more emphasized focal point despite the gorgeous, eye-catching red of the slightly messy bouquet that it frames.

The depth and detail created by an almost translucent garland of leaves and blossoms around the bouquet at the centre is something to behold. These floral motifs of the garland with their ethereal outlines making them look like reflections of themselves against the intensity of red flowers and dramatic scrolls on both sides provide us with a wonderful display of painterly mastery, recreating in weaving the effects of light and shade, reminiscent of crystalline waters. The same level of exquisite artistry is also at work in the open space next to the dramatic frame of acanthus leaves, this time with motifs of almost invisible scrolling vines in a gentle, neutral tone of light taupe, creating depth and perspective.

Architectural elements such as moldings, leave endings with a gilded, sculpted look and baroque cartouches dominating the outer border space of the rug convey a more commanding sense of structure. The contrast created between the light mint green of the inner border and the intense cinnamon brown of the outermost border seem to allude to the soft and spacious grandeur of interiors nested in a hard and dark architectural exterior, true to the aristocratic roots of Aubusson style flat-woven over-size rugs.

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15.7' x 12.4'


Aubusson, Kilim & Flatweave