Antique French Aubusson Carpet

Carpet Number:

Dimensions: 14′ x 10′
Style: European
Origin: European Rugs
Time Period: 19th Century
Room Size: Room Size (6×9 to 12×15)




This highly decorative, splendid antique French Aubusson rug is a fascinating combination of architectural and floral elements in a grand frame that evokes an aesthetic of elegant splendor. Originally designed to fill an entire grand room and convey an impression of majesty, this Aubusson masterfully creates multiple luxurious frames through the use of several floral motifs that come together in an almost architectural composition. The rather open space on the circumference of the oval frame at the centre is demarcated by a wreath of gently flowing light mint green laurel leaves and its luminous gray interior is adorned with another, albeit smaller, delicately rendered frame of scrolling golden acanthus leaves and several small bouquets of romantic cabbage roses in tone-on-tone varieties of lighter and richer pink. The larger next frame in gold that makes up the rest of the field of this stunning Aubusson is more luxuriously filled with extravagant, grand scrolls of golden acanthus leaves in dramatic movement that resemble architectural moldings with their tone on tone coloration of gold, tan and khaki that creates dimensionality and a profusion of delicately detailed cabbage roses in bouquets exuding softness and romanticism. Their delicacy is echoed in the softly colored light coral pink outer frame decorated all around the carpet with a meticulously put together dimensional wreath of light mint laurel leaves.

With its subtle and soft color palette, heightened sense of composition and delicate florals this Aubusson is a masterful flat-woven rug that will bring an aura of sophistication, grandness and grace with European flair to your interiors.

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14' x 10'


Aubusson, Kilim & Flatweave