Antique Dabir Kashan Carpet

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Dimensions: 15.3′ x 10.6′
Style: Decorative
Origin: Persian Rugs
Time Period: Early 20th Century
Room Size: Oversize (12×16 and up)|Room Size (6×9 to 12×15)




A gorgeous Dabir Kashan carpet that brings together different sensibilities of design and excels at recreating something new and refreshing out of them in the most subtle and elegant fashion. The design is rich, immersive, harmonious and offers multiple points of interest. The crystal clear outlines of the highly sophisticated and densely-spaced patterns is a superb work of dedicated craftmanship and exude the refinement of formal city rugs.

Although there is a scalloped medallion in glowing rust red and dark navy at the centre, it hardly seems to be the only focal point. In addition to the quarter and half medallions in the corners and on both sides of the field, four more elaborate medallions surround the central one. The light, ethereal look, ivory background and slender outlines that they boast are in perfect contrast to the heavily set centre in rust red and dark navy with its more classical floral elements. The depictions in these four medallions of exotic love birds in a nest of blossoming flowers make it look as though these images are reflected on a mirror or belong to a different reality, one that of a garden of paradise, and a sense of mystery dominates. This exciting sense of mystery sets the tone for the rest of the carpet as well.

A profusion of lush stylized floral motifs adorn the rest of the field in delightful variety from palmettes to carnations, from peonies to lotus flowers. Elegant depictions of singular bird motifs such as peacocks, pheasants and parrots too are almost secretly woven into this multitude of exquisite florals. They are all in the vicinity of the medallions with love birds inside, resting their delicate, slender figures against floral heads in an atmosphere of tranquil splendor.

On the other hand, the small medallion-like cartouches along the same vertical axis as the ivory medallions depict surprisingly realistic roses next to animated looking bird figures against a dark background setting a refreshing contrast to the rest of the stylized florals on the ivory field. This same realistic sensibility is given more breadth in the splendid guard strips as well as the main borders. Pink roses in bouquets, floral cartouches and as independent floral heads, highlighted with a tone-on-tone coloration have a divine look and are as striking and focus-pulling as the rest of the very elaborate field.

The execution of color in this magnificent carpet is a huge part of its timeless charm. Soft transitions between tonalities, for instance, from rust red to brown, from ivory to very light salmon pink, is wonderfully done. Also the harmony and balance of the color palette with its pastel and earthy tones has a surprisingly modern sensibility that would make this impeccable carpet a wonderful addition to modern as well as classical interiors.

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15.3' x 10.6'


Kashan, Oriental Rugs and Carpets