Antique Besserabian Carpet

Carpet Number:

Dimensions: 16.6′ x 16.4′
Style: European
Origin: European Rugs
Time Period: Early 20th Century
Room Size: Oversize (12×16 and up)




This luxurious highly decorative antique Besserabian rug gives grand scale to an alluring all over floral design. Originating from what is today’s Romania and Bulgaria, it is a wonderful rendition of a European aesthetic sensibility within the traditional parameters of the ancient rugs of the Near East: The familiar, elemental motifs of palmettes, rosettes and serrated leaves that adorn the field appear less arabesque but more naturalistic in their form. The floral and leafy vines do not so much meander as they are interlaced in more rectilinear fashion. The main border is filled with a wealth of dainty florals around sparsely placed larger palmettes which creates and enhances a more realistic sense of perspective. Although the design is densely spaced and the scale is bold, the viewer’s eye can easily follow the geometry of order through the crisp outlines of motifs that inspire a sense of nature not in its organic entirety but through a chosen slice of it in pleasing composition.

The closely coordinated pastel colors of light blue, light turquoise and coral pink give this beautiful composition a lighter feel and help bring a more painterly nuance to individual details while the superb and regal marigold of the field, against which a gorgeous trellis of florals stand, is reminiscent of grand architecture. This rug is a rare piece with the ability to create a classical and refined atmosphere with a light and dreamy spirit that will prove to be quite versatile in such interiors.

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16.6' x 16.4'


Besserabian, Kilim & Flatweave