Antique Agra Carpet

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Dimensions: 18′ x 14.6′
Style: Decorative
Origin: Indian Rugs
Time Period: 19th Century
Room Size: Oversize (12×16 and up)




This exquisitely elegant antique over-size Agra rug seems to be made of an entire body of shimmering lights bouncing off the smallest of surfaces bringing alive an illuminated dream garden of graceful stylized cypresses, weeping willows and blossoming trees. The burnt sienna background of the main field is rich and deep. It helps bring out the bright, vivid outlines of the delicate trees in gold, red and ivory. Touches of bright teal add a subtle contrast to this rich, warm and glowing color palette.

There is not a single focal point in the all-over design of symmetrically placed, repeating patterns of the carpet. Individual ornamental floral motifs sprinkled in between the trees do not help create a sense of scale either. The emphasis is again on a repeating subtle contrast between the leafy branches of the weeping willow flowing down, the slender crown of the cypress standing singularly straight and the branches of the blooming tree stretching out to the sides. The repeat effect easily turns this subtle contrast of individual elements into a harmony of multitudes when the carpet is viewed in its entirety.

The main border repeats the pattern in the field but inverts its colors with a gleaming ivory frame, turning the shimmering outlines of the illuminated dream garden into those of a garden filled with daylight. This is not only a contrast in colors, but a brilliant way to tell a story.

This antique Agra is an exquisite work of dedicated craftsmanship with its fine weave and masterful design. Its highly decorative and delicate aesthetic would bring elegance and individuality to any interior.

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18' x 14.6'


Agra, Oriental Rugs and Carpets