Antique 17th Century Spanish Cuenca Carpet

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Dimensions: 20′ x 13′
Style: Classical|Decorative
Origin: Spanish Rugs
Time Period: 17th Century
Room Size: Oversize (12×16 and up)




A unique, rarely-found treasure from the 17th century, this magnificent Antique Spanish Cuenca carpet is a significant example of a significant place and time in history that brings together Spanish and Moorish influences. Its soft beauty is an expression of a highly unique, individual sensibility to be admired. It has a formal, almost geometrical all over tiled repeating pattern in the form of semi-circular leaflets around a lozenge-shaped motif, connected on a horizontal axis by small and linked triple lozenges. Although the tiled pattern is symmetrically placed, its individual elements slightly vary in their size and outlines, which gives this prized piece a delightful individuality.

The delicate, soft, muted colors of this exquisite 17th century Cuenca boasts a fascinating execution of tonality, that can be seen in the lighter and darker shades of the orange-colored serrated curving leafs against the very soft and light terra-cotta field creating a glowing depth and wonderful texture for the entire carpet. The semi-circular leaflets in their elegant sapphire blue, slate blue, soft moss green and deep forest green also display gorgeous effects of color striation throughout the carpet in wonderful, refreshing touches with an effect that is reminiscent of a palimpsest of layers seen on the façades of old, time-honored architectural structures.

The rather formal, tone-on-tone main border is adorned with vines scrolling gently creating a fleur-de-lis shaped pattern in very light, ethereal colors of ivory and very light blue.

This highly collectible 17th-century antique Cuenca carpet is a fascinating part of the history of textile arts, a gorgeous example of the convergence of two weaving cultures and a unique treasure to be prized and cherished for its beauty and authenticity.

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20' x 13'


Spanish Cuenca